Census Day 2017 will be unrenounceable holiday and “reinforced” throughout Chile

The official site of the 2017 Census recalled that this Wednesday, April 19 will be an “unrenounceable reinforced” holiday throughout Chile.

Thus, from 00:00 to 20:00 hours, activities, shows and public meetings in the open air or in indoor areas, such as theater functions, cinematographic exhibitions and sports competitions, are prohibited.

The character of “reinforced” makes it mandatory holiday (feriados irrenunciables) for all people who exceptionally work on dates like May 1, Patriotic Holidays, Christmas and New Year.

Thus, “malls, shopping centers, large stores, discos, pubs, cabarets, casinos or other authorized gambling venues, bars, clubs, restaurants, supermarkets, rotiseries and bakeries will be closed”.

For its part, only “establishments that sell fuel, commercial premises in public airfields and airports, emergency pharmacies” can operate

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