Dakar Rally Hits New Highs in Bolivia’s Salt Flats

The drama of stage four in Jujuy province, Argentina, is still on everyone’s minds as the aftermath of crashes, heroism and wipeouts sinks in.


Factory KTM rider Laia Sanz was hailed as a hero after she stopped racing to help competitor Pela Renet after he fell from his bike and lost consciousness.


“Helping someone is what any rider should do, that’s normal and it was important. Though I lost time it was the right thing to do,” Sanz told Motorsport.com.


Renet’s first Dakar Rally ended in a trip to hospital after suffering a head injury in the tumble. Although he quickly came around, he is in Jujuy hospital for observation.


Sanz dropped from 21st position to 38th for being a good Samaritan, but organizers rewarded her with time back, meaning she finished stage four 15th overall.

After stage four, Portuguese contender Paulo Goncalves was currently in the lead among the bikes, Peter Versluis of Holland leads the trucks, Ignacio Casale of Chile was the king of the quads, while Sebastien Loeb of France was racing ahead of the other cars.


The 2018 Dakar Rally is taking place Jan. 3-16 in Argentina and Bolivia.


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