Groundhog Day USA Celebration

The groundhog day celebrated on 2nd February of every year. This year, Groundhog day 2017 will be on Thursday, 33rd day of year.

What is Groundhog’s Day?

It is a holiday related to prognostication associated with the weather. On the specific day (2nd feb) the Groundhog (marmot) come out of underground hole and look for his own shadow. what does it mean when the groundhog sees his shadow? According to Groundhog day organizers/fans if it don’t sees its shadow then that is a sign of early arrival of spring. Otherwise, the Groundhog will go back to his burrow and by this action people predicts that winter will remain for six weeks more.

History of Groundhog day

The day is originated from Pennsylvania Germans in 18th century. First time Groundhog day celebrated in 1887 in which the phil saw shadow and indicated the weather will remain cold for six more weeks. Since then, this day has been celebrated 118 times each year except the nine years in between 1889 to 1899 of which no record of its predictions / celebration has been discovered.

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