Hunt on for missing British Open trophy

The Stanley Wainwright ‘Best Soloist’ Memorial award has been presented at the event since 1990 and commemorates the former contest controller’s dedication and commitment to the British Open.

Over the years it has been won by many of the banding movement’s finest instrumentalists, and this year it was won by Helen Williams (above) of the Cory Band — 20 years after she was first presented it in 1996.

However, Helen was not able to receive the trophy as its whereabouts were unknown following its presentation in 2015.

Grimethorpe Band Manager Paul Smith told 4BR: “We would appreciate any help regarding the whereabouts of the trophy, which we wish to ensure goes to this year’s deserved winner Helen Williams.”

If anyone has any information please contact either Paul Smith or Frank Hodges on the numbers below. Any information received will be kept confidential.

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