Kuwait restores citizenship of pro-opposition activist

The Kuwaiti administrative lower court has ordered the government to restore the citizenship of pro-opposition activist Ahmad Jabr Al-Shammari, along with the citizenship of his wife and four children, it also ordered the government to compensate him.

Al-Shammari, the owner of Al-Youm television station, had his passport confiscated in July 2014 after he openly criticised the state. He was branded a threat to national security.

The Kuwaiti constitution states does not allow for the passports of those born Kuwaiti to be revoked.

The lower court ruled that Al-Shammari should receive $16,546 in reparation for the damage the Kuwaiti government has caused him and his family.

In 2014, Kuwait intensified its crackdown on political dissents, revoking the citizenship of political officials, activists and civilians that carried opinions that were deemed to “threaten national security”.

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