Morocco rejects nomination of Salafi preacher for parliamentary election

The Moroccan authorities have rejected the nomination of a well-known Salafi preacher for the parliamentarian election. Hammas Al-Kabbaj was nominated by the ruling Justice and Development Party (PJD), reported on Friday.


The disabled preacher revealed the authorities’ decision on his Facebook page. He said that his application to head the PJD list in the trendy and plush neighbourhood of Guliez in Marrakesh was turned down by the local governor. Abdul-Fattah Al-Bejoy told him in a letter that he could not stand as a candidate.


Al-Kabbaj, who is well-known amongst Guliez residents, explained that the governor said that he was rejected based on his “anti-democracy” positions as he used to “propagate extremist thoughts and incite discrimination and hatred, as well as spread disintegration and violence within society.”


He rejected all of these allegations, describing them as “oppression and massive degradation.” In an open letter to Morocco’s King Mohamed IV and published on Facebook, Al-Kabbaj pointed out that if such accusations were true he would have been arrested. He stressed that he rejects all kinds of hatred and violence, and “loves” his country by sticking to the terms of the Constitution and democratic principles.


Many state officials have honoured Al-Kabbaj, bearing witness that he is a “moderate” and against all forms of extremism. He called for the governor of Marrakesh to drop the allegations against him, reinstate his nomination and “apologise” for what has happened.

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