Nicoyan seek to be the President of Costa Rica 2018-2022

The militant National Liberation Party (PLN) Aiza Sigifredo Campos, a few days ago launched his presidential candidacy at the TSE Costa Rica. The former deputy for the province of Guanacaste and Nicoya neighbor used a video on YouTube which invites Costarricenses to know him.

In the video the politician said that the present rulers lack the human touch “we have moral problems” mentions the leader in the ad. José María Figueres, Sigifredo Aiza and Enrique Rojas are now the three candidates within the liberationist group, which will seek the presidency of the republic from 2018 to 2022.

Sigifredo Aiza doctor by profession enabled website: where it appears personal information and your political career. The message ends with an advertisement which says “I’m Sigifredo Aiza, I want to be the next candidate of National Liberation, and I invite you together, you and I make the difference”.

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