Prouni, an example to the middle east

The University for All Program (Prouni) is a federal government program in Brazil created to grant full scholarships and partial in undergraduate and sequential specific training in private institutions of higher education. it was created by Law No. 11.096, of 13 January 2005 , when Tarso Genro was Minister of President Luiz Inacio Education ” Lula” da Silva.

It was established in 2004 from the PL 3,582 / 2004 submitted to the National Congress. By 2013 , the Prouni allowed access to higher education to 1.2 million young people , and 1,116 private HEIs currently participate in the program, with an average equivalent to a bag for every 10.7 students paying what is significant because 74% enrollment of Brazilian higher education are in private colleges , corresponding to 5.2 million students.

Can participate in the Prouni Brazilian students who have no college degree and that meet at least one of the following conditions :

having completed the full secondary education in public school ;

having completed the full secondary education in private school , provided full scholarship from the school ;

have completed high school partly in public school and partly in private school , on full scholarship condition of own private school;

being a person with disabilities;

be a teacher of public schools , the effective exercise of basic education teaching and integrating the permanent staff of public institution and apply for scholarships exclusively on undergraduate courses . In such cases no income requirements .

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