Servel Chile 2017

The Chilean Electoral Service (Servel) is an autonomous body with legal personality and assets, responsible for administration, supervision and control of electoral processes and plebiscites; compliance with rules on transparency, limit and control of electoral spending; of the rules on political parties and other functions that the respective constitutional organic law 1 and the system of voter registration and party registration polĂ­ticos.2 is the highest administrative authority in electoral matters in the Republic of Chile.

The organization and powers of the Electoral Service are set forth in a constitutional organic law. His form of deconcentration, plants, salaries and staff regulations are established by law. Your home is located in the capital of the Republic, Santiago de Chile.

He began his duties on October 1, 1986, while the electoral justice is in charge of the Electoral Court and the Regional Electoral Courts. It was granted autonomy through a constitutional reform in 2015.

Since 2012 , the bodies of the Electoral Service are the Board and its Director. The Council corresponds Service senior management and administrative direction to the Director. The Servel was related to 2015 with the President of the Republic through the Ministry of the Interior.

The Board of the Electoral Service is a collegial body of five members, appointed by the President of the Republic , with the agreement of the Senate, adopted by two-thirds of its members in office . The Director of the Electoral Service is the legal representative of the Service and the upper head of it .

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