The arrival of Easter brings religious tourism

The arrival of Easter is received by millions of people around the world as a new opportunity to express their faith. Processions, masses, Via Crucis, promises or abstinence are part of the standard repertoire with which the faithful seek to honor the first and the third of the Ten Commandments.

However, some people go a step further. And although there is no explicit order in Catholicism for the faithful pilgrimage to their holy places, as it happens in Islam, whose fifth pillar states that those with physical and financial ability should perform at least once in their life a pilgrimage to Mecca, thousands of Catholics decide to take advantage of the four consecutive days off this party for a trip of religious tourism.

Abel Stang, from Relitour web- specializing in religious tourism gather information to share with his readers he says that “although most provinces have not armed religious tourism circuit, there are multiple options for pilgrimages in the country “.

Among others, Stang highlights the Via Christi in Junin de los Andes, Neuquen province, the Via Crucis longest in the world in the province of Formosa (its route extends for 508 kilometers on National Route 81) and the Via Crucis submarine is performed in Puerto Madryn, in this 2015 will be celebrating its fifteenth edition.

Another popular destination will be the Virgen del Cerro, Salta. A report by located Salta as the third destination of choice in domestic flights this Easter, while the hotel occupancy will be 71% higher than in 2014. report also estimates that an increase of 61% is expected in the demand for tourism products over the last year. This projection, if the move to economic activity that will leave Easter, would mean a major injection for the various regional economies. Especially if you consider that the Argentina Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME) estimated that in 2014 2.2 million tourists who traveled spent Easter 2541 million pesos.

However, this does not occur when the chosen destination is Rome, or the different parts of Spain in which are held processions impressive and recognized, as in the city of Seville. That is because in these cases, most prefer to organize the trip on their own. A passage to Rome – the European destination preferred by Argentines according to a report, purchased in advance can cost about $ 19,000, while a $ 14,000 sale Madrid.

Another highly sought religious destination is the Shrine of the Kingdom of Peace, located in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina.Si well the agency VA does not offer exclusive packages to visit, it does offer a full 3 day tour that begins and ends in the Croatian cities Split or Dubrovnik. The final cost of the trip, not including airfare, is $ 772 ($ 948 for those who prefer single rooms).

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